Joon hyeok正在准备通过九级政府工作人员的考试。因为这是他第三次尝试,他这次一定要通过考试。他住进了寄宿公寓,这是他父亲帮助儿子学习的非凡措施的一部分。但是,在这所豪华的房子里等待俊慧的不是厚厚的课本,而是两位精神自由的女性。俊慧开始与公寓业主阿贞(Ah jeong)同居,阿贞是一位性感美女,而黛丽是一位护士,她的脸和身体都散发出性感的魅力。从那时起,Joon hyeok开始每晚研究女性,而不是他的书。

导演: Jeong Tae-ryeong
主演: 정넘쳐 / 은하영 / 류현아 / 金度希
类型: 剧情 / 爱情 / 情色
制片国家/地区: 韩国
语言: 韩语
上映日期: 2016-01-07(韩国)
片长: 92分钟
又名: Boarding House 2
寄宿公寓2的剧情简介 ······
Joon-hyeok is preparing to pass the exam for 9th rank government worker. Since it is his third attempt, he must pass the exam for sure this time. He becomes to live in a boarding house, which is a part of his father’s extraordinary measures to help his son studying. But what has been waiting for Joon-hyeok in the luxurious house was not the thick text books, but the two free-spirited women. Joon-hyeok begins his cohabitation with Ah-jeong, the owner of the boarding house, who is full of voluptuous beauty, and Dal-lae, a nurse, who exudes sex appeal from both her face and body. Since then, Joon-hyeok starts to spend every night to study women not his books.

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